Joyce and Jamie became connected over 12 years ago when their children married. They share 3 grandchildren (the other two are Joyce’s grandchildren) and a love for wellness, purpose and abundance. Young Living is a huge part of who they are and their purpose driven life.  When they began their journey together in Young Living one of their passions was finding a life and business planner that pertained to their beliefs for personal growth and a way to manage and build their Young Living business. Three years ago Jamie announced she would be publishing a planner of sorts. When she finally got serious in January of 2020 Joyce jumped right on board with her. It is their belief that everyone benefits from having a good solid road map to follow as they are navigating through life while pursuing a passion filled love for their business.

Jamie Hyatt

Jamie Hyatt is a Fully Certified CARE Instructor based in Kingsport, TN. She attended Indiana University and graduated from East Tennessee State University with a degree in Nursing. Her background includes several years’ experience as a Registered Nurse (RN), and a successful career as an Interior Redesign Specialist with projects having appeared on HG-TV. She lives on a small family farm and is a wife, mother and grandmother. Jamie is an organic gardener and raw food and juicing enthusiast. Her husband, a practicing veterinarian, tends to the sheep and chickens. 

In 2002 Jamie became interested in Holistic Medicine. Since 2005 she has served on the faculty of CARE International (Center for Aromatherapy and Research Education) for 10 years as a healing arts facilitator, teaching CARE Seminars across the country. She is a Licensed Spiritual Healer, a Fully Certified CARE Instructor as well as a Board Certified Raindrop Specialist using therapeutic grade essential oils in her work.

Jamie is available for speaking engagements on the subject and use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Health and Wellness. 

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Joyce Painter

Joyce has lived her entire life in beautiful Northeast Tennessee, nestled between the Great Smoky Mountains on the west, and the Blue Ridge and Appalachians to the east and north.

She married her high school sweetheart and they have spent 47 years together.  They have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren.  Steve and Joyce spent 14 years traveling the United States on their motorcycle (including a walk across the bridge at Niagara Falls into Canada).   They made it to 45 states before their grandchildren began arriving.  The couple now travels with their camper, which they have affectionately named, Penelope.  Penelope is named for Joyce’s great-great grandmother. Like many women from that time, she was very strong and capable of doing hard things to take care of her family.

Joyce lives in one of the best areas to enjoy hiking, kayaking and camping.  Knitting and making quilts for her family and the people she loves is one of her passions.  Joyce infuses each item with love, so that the person who receives it feels her love for them every time they wrap themselves up in one of her quilts or don one of her sweaters or toboggans (hats/beanies for those who aren’t from the south).

In 2007, after Joyce’s son and Jamie’s daughter married, Joyce became a member of Young Living.  Joyce and Jamie were both blessed with three grandchildren from that union.   As with many others, Young Living not only changed Joyce’s heath, but it has offered her many opportunities that are beyond her dreams.  Anyone who knows Joyce could not believe that she was teaching classes on Lucy Libido oils.  However, she put on Valor oil and jumped right in.  One year at convention, Joyce did a Facebook Live in the goldenrod field.  Joyce’s daughter-in-law sent that video to Joyce’s son…his response was, “I am forever scarred”!!

Joyce’s love for travel has been further enhanced, as she and Jamie have taken advantage of many opportunities to travel with Young Living.  They went on the Mediterranean Cruise in 2015 and met many brand partners from all over the world.  Joyce and Jamie have remained in contact with those friends through social media and attending conventions.  Joyce and Jamie have also participated in the Young Living Beauty School and visited several of the farms.  Discovering new friends with Young Living people all over the world is something Joyce truly loves and enjoys. 

Joyce is excited to partner with Jamie in the creation of their Living Your Dream Planner.  The planner project has brought with it many challenges, as well as a great deal of satisfaction.  Joyce is motivated by the project because she knows it supports and encourages increased productivity, organization, the accomplishment of dreams, and peace of mind to those who take advantage their planner.

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